The Polar Bear Capital of the World- Churchill, Canada

We saw the first Polar Bears, a mother and cub, appear out of the morning fog – it was mystical and magical. As the day with Nat Hab progressed, our Great White Bear Polar Rover plowed through ice and uneven terrain on the tundra in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, and got the job done. We saw some bears more than once and lost track of how many sightings. Most of my time was spent behind binoculars, not a camera, but these are my favorite shots of the day. Enough said!

7 Comments on “The Polar Bear Capital of the World- Churchill, Canada

  1. What magnificent creatures they are! Wonderful pictures of them! So happy you were able to experience this!

  2. How wonderful that your dream came true! The polar bears are magnificent and adorable at the same time!! Love love love your photos!

  3. Another great trip and so wonderful to see these amazing polar bears …enjoy!


  4. I am going backwards reading your posts. I almost missed them, but Linda said something, so I am catching up! Awesome trip for you.

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