Who doesn’t love great food and fab drinks? With this page, I will offer some unique or unusual places that I feel are worthy of a visit.  Generally, they are not the most famous or most expensive but all are special. Enjoy.

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One Comment on “Dining

  1. This is one of my favorite places in Miami…and longtime residents would recommend you add it to your “must visit ” list though they might also like to keep it an “insiders” secret. For tourists – after the seemingly requisite visit to South Beach and hectic nightclubs – this spot offers a quiet chance to explore another aspect of South Florida glamor. It is an ideal spot to enjoy and experience the natural beauty of certain things that are unique to South Florida. It offers a romantic journey for couples, an opportunity for families to introduce issues of nature, ecology, and the simple pleasure of seeing a beautiful flower or the incredible life path of a plant -(the visit will also give an advantage in science school studies), and a wealth of photo possibilities for scrapbooking and visual mementos of a special occasion for anyone who spends an hour -it’s likely you will want to stay longer.

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