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Karen Buchsbaum.Angkor Wat CambodiaThere are a lot of luxury travelers who pay little attention to where they are going or what they will do when they get there. They book a tour or cruise and they are done. 

And then, there are the rest of us. 

We always want a little bit more. Can we venture away from a cruise port and hop a train to a nearby city?  Leave the comfort of our 5-star hotel and get to one more incredible ancient site?  Find the best neighborhood café for the perfect cup of hot chocolate? Get just a little off the beaten path?

So if you want to maximize your adventures, do a little extra, see a little more, enhance your experiences, go on your own, leave the pack or breakaway . . . Join me as I share adventures and tips about how to make the most of your high-end travel. 

I am not a travel agent, just a writer who loves to travel. Feel free to comment and ask questions, I will pass on what info I can.

Abrazos.  Karen F Buchsbaum 



  1. Thanks for your kind words!! So glad you enjoy my stories.


  2. Anyone who does not subscribe to this blog and loves to travel is really missing out. Even if you do not travel much you almost feel like you are actually at the destination being described. The narratives of the various trips are very detailed but make for an easy, enjoyable read.


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