Relaxing Korcula Town

First sight when tendering in at Korcula Town.

First sight when tendering at Korcula Town.

Today was so relaxing. Korcula Town was our shortest port stop, and after a beautiful tender ride to the island, we decided to just leisurely walk around. Korcula is a delightful spot, much less crowded than Dubrovnik, very clean and seemingly very low-key.

This city has lovely, but incomplete walls, and their claim to fame is as the alleged birth place of Marco Polo. I say “alleged” because both Venice and Genoa make the same claim. In any case, Korcula is going with the theory, restoring his home, claiming spots he dines, and offering a large Marco Polo gift shop. Who knows, this area was under Venetian rule, and Marco Polo was captured by the Genoese in 1298. Today, this spot is clearly a beach resort filled with shady cafes, sun-worshipers and those who love playing in the sea.

Back on the Azamara Quest at midday, we saw hundreds of wind surfers and kite surfers off the starboard side of the ship. They looked like glistening butterflies on the water – it was an incredible sight.

We lunched by the pool and had a generally relaxing afternoon on board – each pursuing our own diversions . . . at least two of us were ‘big’ casino winners (at blackjack and the husband winning his second Texas Hold’ Em poker tournament!)

Today was a perfect ending to our visit in the beautiful country of Croatia.

The Azamara Quest on the Adriatic at Korcula.

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