Turning Trash into Art

From the Xchange brochure, showing a good overview of the site.

From the Xchange brochure, showing a good overview of the site.

For an art experience even a non-art lover can enjoy, visit the Energy Xchange located between Spruce Pine and Burnsville.

A North Carolina renewable energy center, the Xchange captures methane gas produced from a landfill and uses it to heat greenhouses, and fire pottery kilns and glass blowing furnaces.

Established as a craft business incubator program, a juried panel selects six young artists for three-year residency programs to help them develop craft and business skills.  The artists receive mentor support from the jury members as well as free energy to create their masterpieces.  You can see them at work, chat about their experience, visit their gallery (purchases are welcome!), and learn more about methane as energy in the on-site educational center.   More official tours are available for a small fee and must be arranged in advance.

Open Monday – Friday 10-4; Saturday 9-noon.  www.energyxchnage,org  828.675.5541

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  1. Well thank you Karen. We’re in NC but not so near you yet!!!

  2. Hi, Karen!
    It’s great hearing all about your experiences and insights. I hope you have a great 4th and a wonderful birthday for Fred.

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