Journal with a Brush!

A sample of Diana's whimsical, artistic journaling.

A sample of Diana’s whimsical, artistic journaling. 

I blog in the very straightforward way I know best. From my background in communications, I love to write and take photos.  And my earlier years of travel journaling in small leather-bound books, provided a very natural transition to blogging.

But for those of you who are more artistically oriented, I have the perfect suggestion.  Have you ever explored journaling through art? 

I know of a talented and very creative lady – Diana Gessler, who can show you the way.

An illustrator and travel journalist, she has authored five books (Very California, Very Charleston, Very New Orleans, Very Washington DC , and The Sampoerna Legacy ), Diana also holds workshops around the country to help channel that artistic drive. Her work is enchanting and her books make delightful gifts.

Check out her website, to see what she’s up to and where she will be next.  Have fun and happy journaling.

2 Comments on “Journal with a Brush!

  1. Thank you so much for the plug! Love your new blog and congratulations for getting up and running. I expect to discover some new travel treasures through you.

  2. Really fun and interesting way to travel blog. I think my friend and artist/teacher Sheila will enjoy learning about this. You can tell her about Dianna tomorrow night. Thanks so much!

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