Ciao Italy with the Azamara Journey


We can’t call it Shitavecchia anymore. The town of Civitavecchia seems to have radically improved the appearance of the port area.  We haven’t been to this port in many years, and are pleased to see nice green spaces and exposed old city walls. It looks very nice.  Very confusing to actually navigate driving to the port, but thankfully we weren’t behind the wheel. After a two-hour flight from Berlin, it took half that time just to get our bags.

Every time I visit Italy it always reminds me of spending time with the casually good-looking, cool friend who didn’t follow the rules and was always a bit of trouble. It’s good to be back, even if only briefly.

I was only on the ship for about 10 minutes when I scheduled a wash & blow dry for my hair – learning from a couple of girlfriends (you know who you are!)

We have set sail on the Azamara Journey and are on the way to Corsica!

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  1. KAren, WE MISS YOU. eVEN PICKED UP A COUPLE OF TURKEY FEATHERS FOR YOU AND WILL LEAVE THEM AT YOUR HOUSE! It was 28 degrees this morning when I got up. Judy and I cancelled Polar golf for the day! Off to play some canasta and plan on inside events for the rest of the day.
    Love your blogs and hope the rest of your trip is as wonderful as the beginning has been, and that you have warmer weather than we do!! Bette

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