Miami’s Wynwood Walls, a “Museum of the Streets”

This is street art, Miami-style. The Wynwood Walls are fascinating, intriguing and just plain fun. Covering 80,000 square feet of old warehouse walls, 50 artists, from 16 different countries, showcase the very best in street art.  Far exceeding what is often called “graffiti”, one fan has dubbed the area a “Museum of the Streets.”

These shots were taken during a typical Gallery Night, held the second Saturday of the month, but day or night, the Walls are a visual treat. For a little more earthly sustenance, you have a wide variety of great restaurants and bars in this trendy, transitional area, north of downtown Miami.


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  1. Liked this a lot. The first picture looks like Keith Harring but I think he is deceased. How was the restaurant?

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    This looks interesting…?? Karen’s latest post

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