An Art Deco Treasure – Ålesund, Norway


I never would’ve guessed that one of the world’s great collections of Art Nouveau architecture would be in Norway. But it is, in Ålesund.

In 1904, the city was completely destroyed by fire.  It took just three years for the city to be rebuilt, with help and donations from the European community.  Because it was 1904, the style was Art Nouveau. What surprised me the most was the variety of features, no two buildings are alike and they have been extremely well-maintained. What a treasure.  Anyone who loves Art Nouveau needs to research this collection of buildings.

My favorite Art Nouveau facade.

My favorite Art Nouveau façade.

The pretty fishing port town covers several islands and is a delight to walk around.  We came upon a street food fair featuring all sorts of local meats, fish, waffles, and more; everything smelled delicious.  Having just eaten, we just enjoyed looking and watching.


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A lover of words, learning something new every day, exploring new places, and meeting people from different cultures is what feeds my spirit. One significant thing I learned from my years in market research is that time away from an experience dilutes the memories.  You lose the highs and lows and end up with middle-of-the-road impressions.  The reason I started to blog, was to capture experiences real-time, in the moment.  I hope my moments help you relive some of your own great adventures or maybe plan some new.

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