How Many Cats Does it Take . . . .


I finally got to go to a Cat Cafe!

I knew they were popular in parts of Asia and was thrilled to find out there were several in Singapore.

There were 15 cats – all rescues.  Very cute with their individual collars, bows and scarves. The $15 (Singapore dollars) fee goes to their support and maintenance. Visitors leave their shoes at the door and Purell their hands before entering this kitty-haven. You can stay as long as you like, order a coffee or food, pet them, play with them or just let them sleep on your computer while you do your homework, whatever. Cats curled up on table tops and backpacks, one was walking along beams about 10′ off the ground and another was trying to escape. They had plenty of play towers and special beds.  Most were sleeping soundly and all were hard to photograph.img_0070-copy

I wish I could’ve stayed longer and I hope my kitty, Pippi, never finds out . . .


5 Comments on “How Many Cats Does it Take . . . .

  1. I won’t tell Pippi! I see you photographed the easy targets!

  2. What a great idea! You can get a kitty-fix while traveling! I love it. Where is Pippi anyway?

  3. I promise not to tell your PiPi that you were fraternizing with other felines!!!!!

  4. Maybe I should do this for my retirement job? Think they need one in the Keys?

    • I think it just might be a perfect fit. That was the city with the cat-cam tourism spots!

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