A Quick Trip to Bimini.

Bimini is the closest Bahama Island to Florida – about 51 miles away. We’d heard about the new high-speed ferry and thought we’d give it a try for a quick day-trip to the island.  It’s two hours each way and leaves from the Port of Miami. As my husband said this was a “one & done”, we won’t be doing this again, but we did have fun checking it all out and spending the day with good friends.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The ferry is absolutely freezing (they say it helps reduce seasickness); I am not exaggerating, take a blanket.
  • Maybe it helps to keep it cold, but people were still sick. Take meds in advance like we did and you should be OK. There was a large carton of motion sickness packets at the boarding gate – but it was empty.
  • Get a golf cart so you can drive around, they have 2 and 4-seaters and even some 6; it will set you back $50 for the day.
  • Resort has a small casino, it is closed during most weekdays.
  • There is no straw at the Straw Market.
  • Eat some conch salad – it will be good, conch fritters not so great. We had a nice lunch at the Big Game Club, one of Hemingway’s former hangouts.
  • Check out the Dolphin House Museum, it was charming; a work of love and tribute by a local craftsman/poet.
  • Trash cans on the island all seem to be from Miami-Dade?
  • If you do go by ferry, get a discount ticket on Groupon; a business class ticket will buy you a snack and drink along with your ticket.
  • On the ferry you can book water activities through the Resorts World Bimini & they do sell snacks, coffee and soft drinks to everyone on board.
  • Be sure to take your passport.
  • Divers wold enjoy the options here, for everyone else a few hours is enough.
  • Enjoy the views of the beautiful turquoise Caribbean waters.

Ashley Saunders master artist/ craftsman/ builder & poet. Takes visitors on tours of his 2-story Dolphin House Museum. No fee, but $5 donation from adults is very appreciated.

About KFBuchsbaum

A lover of words, learning something new every day, exploring new places, and meeting people from different cultures is what feeds my spirit. One significant thing I learned from my years in market research is that time away from an experience dilutes the memories.  You lose the highs and lows and end up with middle-of-the-road impressions.  The reason I started to blog, was to capture experiences real-time, in the moment.  I hope my moments help you relive some of your own great adventures or maybe plan some new.

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