Meow Wolf, Santa Fe

The author tries to capture some of the imagery in one area of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return.

It made no sense to me.  What the heck was Meow Wolf. I even went to their website and wasn’t clear.

One of our friends had heard it was a must-experience and we heard more of the same from the locals.  We had to give it a try.

In short, it’s an interactive, art installation.  A collaborative effort by dozens of young creative minds in the written word, art, graphics, music and technology. Part haunted house, part maze, it’s also a Sci-Fi mystery with no set solution and so much fun. You are encouraged to touch, watch, read and listen. Every sense is stimulated.

It’s colorful and neon and full of surprises; it also challenges you to see things a bit differently. Created in a bankrupt bowling alley (purchased by George R.R. Martin the Santa Fe resident who created Game of Thrones), you move in and out of various rooms in the 20,000 sq foot space.  No spoiler alerts here, but you don’t leave or enter rooms in any traditional manner.   I loved the laser harp and the details in the diaries and newspaper. This was fun. Trust and go.  Look for similar exhibits to open soon in Denver and Las Vegas.  A bonus, food trucks right in the parking lot.


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