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We learned about the centuries-old craft of block print stamping on fabrics.

Our first female guide of the trip, Meetu, took us about a half-hour outside of Jaipur to the Chippa village of Bagru. 250 families have been in this business for 400 years. It was particularly interesting to learn how they got the reverse process by using mud stamps before dying the fabric in indigo. Then we tried our hand, each making a small red and green piece. Even the stamping is much harder than it looks. I have a whole new respect and understanding of this process.

The blue is a finished piece.

Tonight we went to a cooking class at Dera Mandawa, another example of a family that now takes in guests to be able to keep their large, 110-year-old home. I think the most interesting thing was being able to try the bread baked underground and partly cooked with fuel made from cow dung. We had seen piles of the fuel source stacked by village homes. There was no odor at all. As far as the cooking class, I liked the class I took at Fairchild Tropical Gardens better.

Bon appetit.

4 Comments on “Stamp it out

  1. So many questions about the stamping!
    You will have to tell me more about this after you get back. And the cooking class! Do they use same measuring -tsp, tbs etc? What an incredible journey you have taken. Stay well!

  2. 😂😂 cow dung fuel!! That’s something that’s going to stick in my mind for a long time!!

    This excursion seemed to be more hands on along with sight seeing! So much to learn from your travels. It’s really fun to read your blogs and I look forward to each of them!

    Thank you so much. See you girls soon😘

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