A Windy Morning with Windmills

Who doesn’t smile when they think of a windmill?  On this excursion during our trip on AMAWaterways, we had plenty to smile about.  

The rain held off for our visit to Kinderdijk a UNESCO World Heritage site with 19 windmills, some dating from the mid-1700s. In a country 40% below sea level, the windmills have played a significant role in pumping excess water into rivers to prevent flooding. Even Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport is below sea level, by almost 15 feet.

The windmills of Kinderdijk are still functioning although their purpose has long since been replaced by modern machines. Today they serve as an important historical reminder of the past and serve as homes for people who volunteer to keep them operating. Residents are able to modernize the interior of these original tiny houses. We visited the museum and saw how families lived years ago, with adjacent vegetable plots, animal pens, and a separate kitchen building to protect the wooden structures from devastating fires.  But I would love to have also seen a remodeled interior (guess I’ll have to rely on google for that).

You can walk, bike or boat around the site. On this very windy day, we enjoyed a nice walk to the museum and returned to the visitor center in a small, covered boat.  It was nice to see the windmills from both perspectives.


3 Comments on “A Windy Morning with Windmills

  1. Super cool pics of the windmills! I didn’t know people lived inside them way back when or now!
    Another great read, Karen!

    Glad the weather is cooperating for you girls.


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