Where to Spot Sea Lions in Southern California


Adults and kids can agree spotting Sea Lions is always a thrill – even if you can usually smell them before you see them. Near the center of picturesque La Jolla, head over to the park along Coast Drive and you can people watch as well. Weekend parking can be tough, but you can grab a Bird (electric scooter) and get anywhere in minutes.

There is a pleasant Coast Walk along the Pacific with viewing points and as a bonus, you can visit the Sunny Jim Sea Cave. For $5 an adult and $3 for kids, it’s a chance to visit La Jolla’s longest-running business and the site of a historic tunnel to the cave. Open since 1903 there have been a few improvements over the rope that originally guided adventurers’ descent into the dark tunnel.  Today there are a few lights and 145 wooden steps with handrails to ease your way.

The work of nature on the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla Cove was enhanced under the guidance of German immigrant artist/engineer Professor Gustav Schultz who hired two Chinese workers to dig out the tunnel by hand using only picks and shovels as tools.

We were pleased to find some Sea Lions hanging out during our visit. Legend says smugglers used the cave for liquor and opium, but I suggest you let your imagination run wild.

To access the cave:  https://www.cavestore.com/

Area Info: https://lajollamom.com/la-jolla-cove/ 


2 Comments on “Where to Spot Sea Lions in Southern California

  1. Interesting commentary and great pics, Karen!! Sunday like a lovely place for kids and adults! Did you take Julia??💞💞

    Thank you

  2. We’ll have to take her back when she’s old enough to walk! I heard one cute little girl, about 4-5, tell her dad when they were about half-way back up “Daddy, I’m tired of stepping.”

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