A Trip Around the World, on Our Xmas Tree

When I travel, I’m not much of a shopper, preferring to spend as much time as possible exploring.  What I bring back from travel is memories, and I record those with my pictures, photo books, and blog posts. But on each trip, in every location, I do buy at least one thing, something to hang on our Christmas tree. I prefer it not be an actual ornament and try to find something specific to the place or experience. Once back home, I write the year and location on each.  Decorating our tree is a trip all its own . . . down memory lane.

5 Comments on “A Trip Around the World, on Our Xmas Tree

  1. My travels aren’t as extensive as yours, but I have done the same at times. Also, I have ornaments that were gives from friends, inherited from my husband’s mother, made by my mother, sister. So when I decorate – soon – I put on my favorite music and enjoy the memories.

  2. What a very special Christmas tree indeed! How original and so very unique, with wonderful memories to cherish each year🎄✈️🎅🛳🎄


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