North Carolina: Mountain Backroads

Historic Wild Barn, Madison County, NC

The time is getting close for us. We will head back to the NC mountains as soon as it seems safe and all the advisories look good. Today I am reposting one of my very early blog posts. I’m not sure what we will be able to do when we arrive, but certainly, we will be able to enjoy the mountain backroads we love to explore! Stay Safe, Karen


Near Banner Elk and Beech Mountain, NC the roads are curvy, the vegetation lush and the scenery pastoral.  Today’s route took us past a few spots on local quilt trails.  Each uniquely created quilt pattern is displayed on historic barns and showcases the mountain heritage of storytelling through artistic design.  Each turn in the road holds the promise of a new surprise: an incredible view, field of Christmas trees, patch of colorful day-lilies, whimsical mailbox, or maybe, even a bear.  No bear-sightings for us today, we had to settle for beautiful horses.

Be sure to look closely. Can you find the Nativity manger scene, complete with wise men (this was in July)?



5 Comments on “North Carolina: Mountain Backroads

  1. I think I remember as a kid in Pennsylvania that they also had these arty displays on barns. My father called them hex signs meant to keep bad spirits away!

  2. I love the barn decorations, I’ve never seen anything quite like them. Very cheerful!

  3. Beautiful! Where in North Carolina is that first barn at the top located at? Thank you!

    • Thanks for your kind words and for reading my post! I can’t recall the exact road (I did search and find the pic, and there was no geo-tag), but I can tell you it is (or was) in Avery County, NC. I say “was” because these barns are collapsing at an alarming rate and I took this shot a few years ago.

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