Let’s Go on a Virtual African Safari

I am so taken with this in-quarantine experience that I couldn’t wait to do a post. The fabulous safari company &Beyond has teamed up with WILDwatch to bring you a FREE, live African safari experience. Viewers will literally feel like they are riding along in the safari vehicle since the cameraperson is filming behind the field guide.

You might find yourself waiting patiently for a lioness to let her cubs come out to play, tracking a leopard, or kicking up dust while on the move for another great discovery. The only difference from an in-person experience is an editor in a control room who is switching back and forth between 3 or 4 feeds. You won’t have to wait long for some action and you will definitely learn quite a bit about the wildlife in this part of Africa. Drives are in the &BEYOND Ngala Private Game Reserve and Djuma Private Game Reserve.

Ngala is in Timbavati and shares a border with Kruger National Park. Last year a couple of white lions were born, so it’s a thrill anytime you spot one of the youngsters. When we stayed at the Ngala Tented Camp it was an incredible experience and one of my most cherished memories. The staff and guides created a wonderful adventure tracking the wildlife. Much less frenetic than some other areas of Africa, I really felt very connected to nature and with the animals we were fortunate to see. Still in South Africa, not too far away, Djuma is located in Sabi Sands, and getting to experience the two preserves at once is a true gift.

Drives last 3 hours and are held at sunrise and sunset, which is exactly what happens when you are there in person.  As they promise, the experience is authentic and unscripted. If you can’t watch live, no worries, you can watch a replay or highlight footage.

Here’s how it works:

We are six hours behind, so the sunrise drive in South Africa is at 12:30 AM EST and the sunset at 9 AM EST. It’s not a mistake, here on the east coast of the USA we will experience tomorrow’s African sunset during our morning. Join the fun through &Beyond Ngala, or go directly to YouTube and see a list of video watch-options. (I forgot to note in the original post, that on YouTube it may take a couple of minutes for the replay and highlight videos to start. Be patient, it will be good practice for animal-searching).

An added bonus is the ability to ask the field guides questions, just like you do when you are on safari. During the live broadcasts, adults can use the chat option on the YouTube page. For everyone with kids or grandkids, WILDearth hosts a special 45-minute session during the beginning of the sunset drive just for kids to ask questions. You’ll need to register the kids in advance, so check out details at https://wildearth.tv/kids/

Watching these videos can boost my spirits on any kind of day. I hope they do the same for you.

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