Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #107: Winter

ice on branch

My first winter in college, away from my coastal upbringing was an eye-opener. Living in the cold, monochromatic climate brought home the words of Thomas Wolfe in Look Homeward Angel when he described the “bleak bare prison of the hills.” Well that was then and this is now and I’ve developed a whole new perspective.


I’m always excited by the sight of snow in any amount, even flurries are a thrill. And, of course, winter means the Christmas holidays, which I absolutely love. Here are a few of my favorite things. Hover on each pic for a description.

11 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #107: Winter

  1. What, no Pippi in the snow pics??? Love the photos and the descriptions!

  2. Your snow covered for trees make me almost wish we had a real winter. But then I remember the cold that comes with them and remain content in the south! Lovely ode to winter

  3. I love winter and it’s snow-covered trees. Love the glisten…it’s so cheery b/c it reminds me of my childhood growing up in suburban Chicago. You must get some mittens for your kitten!!😻
    Lovely pictorial of winter!❄️☃️❄️

    Sue xo

  4. Beautiful and iconic shots of winter. I love your first image with the threatening clouds, and the second with the ice-covered branches. And of course, all your snow shots. Wonderful shots of winter.

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