Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #109: Under the Sun – King’s Landing


One thing about this time of Covid-19 – I have time to catch up on some shows I wanted to watch. Top of my list, Game of Thrones and I have just finished season 7 (of 8). Faced with the difficult task of selecting photos for this challenge, the incredible sets and scenery in Game of Thrones were lurking in my subconscious, pushing me towards Dubrovnik, site of King’s Landing scenes and the Iron Throne everyone is fighting to control.

Walking the walls in Dubrovnik was awe-inspiring.


Try to ignore any electrical wires or satellite dishes you spot in these pics.


The crowds were overwhelming when we visited and apparently, it was quite a challenge to film on location. I recommend watching any of the features about how they created and filmed Game of Thrones. Impressive on all levels.



8 Comments on “Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #109: Under the Sun – King’s Landing

  1. Had no idea G of T was filmed there!!! We adored Dubrovnik and were so glad we’d stayed a few nights as it is truly magical once the day-crowds and cruise ships leave. Your images are very beautiful and delivered a fond memory!

  2. I would love to go back someday at a less visited time of year. I did feel like it was a storybook place, I wonder how many film crews have used it? We had to cancel our trip to Iceland this year and so many Game of Thrones scenes were shot there . . . oh well, something to look forward to. Glad you enjoyed the pics!!

  3. Beautiful series of this special place. Breathtaking views under the sun. Thank you for taking us there. 🙂

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