A Photo a Week Challenge: Happiness Is…


Our first grandchild – sweet Baby J! Of course, everyone in my family brings me happiness and love – but my friends were right when they told me there was nothing like being a grandparent! There is never enough time with this little cutie and it’s almost impossible to catch the best moments on camera. Gotta keep the iPhone on-hand at all times, but even then, I’ve missed so many great shots.

The Making of a Cat-Lover

Baby J has her own kitty and has just really started to notice that big fluff-ball is not a static fixture; somehow my cat, Pippi, seems so much more interesting.  Last month Baby J learned more about Pippi and how to be friends.

Pippi is spotted upstairs. Baby J is going to be good at hide-and-seek, she found Pippi every time.

Learning that the kitty treats are for Pippi and really don’t taste that good anyway.

Pippi needs a rest but can keep an eye on the action, just beyond the baby gate.

5 Comments on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Happiness Is…

  1. Baby J and Pippi pictures (say that 5 times) are priceless! They should be featured weekly!

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