Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112: Pick A Word


growing – crowded – tangled – exuberant – comfortable 

This is what makes photo challenges so much fun – looking at an archive from a different perspective. My offerings are as diverse as the chosen topics, selected to match each of the descriptive words above:


Nothing beats a child growing. This was our Baby-J just a blink ago.



Crossing Prague’s Charles Bridge on a rainy day. I bet it’s quite a different scene these days.


Wires, wires everywhere in the Old Section of Hanoi.


To me, nothing is more exuberant than fireworks, these from a July 4th at Linville Ridge, NC.


Back to an image of the South African leopards, just couldn’t get enough of them.



8 Comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112: Pick A Word

  1. Hi Karen – the photos are great. Love the fact that you have been to all of these places. Thanks for sharing. Stay Safe! Sue

  2. Loved your choices Karen – you’re right one just cannot get enough of those leopards :-). And I loved your “one blink ago” caption with your adorable little one.

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