Linville, NC in the Late Fall.

Fall color, Linville, North Carolina
Linville, NC

I love the way the clouds settle into the mountains, becoming part of the landscape. Grandfather Mountain is completely obscured in the background.

For: Lens-Artists Challenge #119 – My Hideaway & Festival of Leaves 2020

This year more than ever, it has felt like an escape to head north to the beautiful rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. We first came up to the area knowing no one, and as the years have gone by our hideaway has been filled with new friends and existing friends who have joined us in this peaceful slice of heaven.

Jealously, I had hoped in this year of Covid, with all festivals and events canceled, that the NC High Country would be our secret. But as more Americans have sought refuge in the great outdoors, the area has actually been pretty crowded.

As the leaves have fallen, the crowds have diminished, and I feel like it’s all ours once again.

When leaves are way past their prime, off the trees, dried-up, and crinkly – then it’s time to play! These leaves are made for stomping, shuffling, jumping, and tossing in the air – who knew it could be so much fun.

Fall color, Linville, North Carolina
Fall colors in Linville, NC at 5,000 feet, about a week past peak color.

14 Comments on “Linville, NC in the Late Fall.

  1. How very adorable she is Karen! I loved your images this week, and I also love Grandfather Mountain. Fall in NC is truly a gift for all of us!

  2. Our home away home – Linville Ridge. So peaceful, serene and colorful! And beautiful Julia just adds to the fun with her new adventures! Love how everything is so new and fascinating to children🍁🌿🍂
    Great post Karen!
    Hugs, Sue

  3. Julia is a doll baby. Linville Ridge is beautiful in the fall.

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