Scenes from my NC Neighborhood/ LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #123

Just a few typical rural scenes from our life in Carolina. We love to take drives and see where we’ll end up and what we will find along the way. I usually spend a lot more time looking than taking pics but managed to snap these. These shots were from warmer months; now leaves are off the trees, but the grass is still green and the sky is a vibrant blue.



Most of our trips to explore somehow find their way by an ice cream stand, this one serving Blue Bell ice cream, by the Mast Farm Annex in Valle Crucis.

4 Comments on “Scenes from my NC Neighborhood/ LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #123

  1. Looks like NORTH Carolina to me Karen – as I’m here in the South and see nothing like this! Love the closing stop for ice cream – the BEST!! Thanks for the lovely visit to your neighborhood.

    • Definitely North! Thanks for stopping by my site. One of these days I’m doing a post all about ice cream shacks 😉

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