Xmas Countdown: A Season for Angels

Angels. The topper for many of our Christmas trees, angels are a big part of holiday traditions. I’m always drawn to them, and love the Nuremberg tradition of Christkind, the symbolic golden angel that is the gift-giver there and is a showstopper attraction when she visits the Children’s Christmas Market.

Beautiful and mystical, real or elusive – we can’t have enough angels in our lives right now.

This week, Leya is hosting Lens-Artists Challenge #128 – And Here Comes the Holiday Season. Another opportunity to share my 12-day run-up to Christmas Eve.

Darling angels at a Strasbourg Christmas Market.
Vintage angels that belonged to my Grandmother.
Watching over a square in Lucerne, Switzerland.
One of four angels watching over the Baroque-styled Christmas market in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

9 Comments on “Xmas Countdown: A Season for Angels

  1. I love angels too! Yours are a very beautiful and diverse gallery of them – my favorite is the live one and the last one! I have two vintage angels in my Christmas tree, both belonged to my grandmother. Would you say angels are a bigger part in your country than in neighbouring countries?

    • Thank you, Leya! I think angels are more popular here in rural areas and within various cultures. For certain, the cultures from Spain and Latin America. Writing that, however, leads me to think it would be an interesting topic to research and/or study. It’s hard to tell from the images of our US cities, which these days strive to be neutrally “politically correct.” We have to see within private homes. Angels seem more visible to me in the public displays of other countries.

      • I think you are right. In the mediterranean countries, Spain, Italy, France, angels are much more popular than in the nordic countries. Although I know the Norwegian princess has written a book on angles.

  2. I also love angels. I usually give my GA friend one for Christmas. Unfortunately, I did not see our Villagers angels until after our Thanksgiving trip, so no angel this year. Hopefully next year.

  3. What a charming response to the challenge Karen. I loved your angels, especially the one with all the lights. I think you’re right, we’ve become so “correct” conscious over here things like angels can be frowned up. Sad. wishing you a wonderful holiday, a joyous Christmas and all the best in 2021.

    • Merry Christmas, Tina! Thank you for your wonderful weekly Lens-Artist Challenges as well as your support and kind words this year. Your input and encouragement has really made a difference. I know the challenge takes a lot of time and work, especially as well-done as yours is, and I want you all to know I appreciate it.
      It’s been lots of fun to get to know you virtually!
      On to 2021!

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