Merry Xmas & to All a Good Night!

This is another treasure I found helping my Mom sort through papers and cards. If you are of Spanish descent (we are) and/or live somewhere like Miami (we do) then you at least will get a kick out of this cute Spanglish twist on an old favorite tradition. It makes me laugh and I hope it will you too.

It was the night before Christmas

   And all thru the casa

Not a creature is stirring

   Caramba! Qué pasa!

The Stockings are hanging

   Con mucho cuidado

In hopes that St. Nicholas

   Will feel obligado

To leave a few cosas

   Aquí and allí

For Chico and Chica

   (Y something para me).

Los niños are snuggled

   All safe in their camas

(Some in vestidos, and

   some in pajamas)

Their little cabezas

   Are full of good things

Qué esperan: qué cosas

   St. Nick will bring?

Santa is down

   At the corner saloon

Muy borracho

   Since mid-afternoon.

Mama is sitting beside the ventana

   When Santa en manera extraña

Lit up like fuego;

   Qué goma* mañana!

El va to bed

   As morning approaches

Feliz Pascuas to all

   And to all Buenos Noches.

(*in this colloquial use from Central America means hangover)

9 Comments on “Merry Xmas & to All a Good Night!

  1. Priceless!! Still smiling!
    Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad to toda tu familia!🎁🥳♥️🎄

  2. Such a cute picture and poem. Me gusta mucho. Estaba muy divertido. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Did you write it? Prospero Año, KF.

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