Keep Truckin’

Putting some miles on our car this pandemic year, we have discovered that truck stops often have the best restroom options along the way. But one recent truck stop was really exceptional. We had missed our attempt at a somewhat healthy fast-food lunch when the spot we picked was completely closed. So back on the road with limited options, my iExit app revealed our best bet seemed to be an exit not too far ahead with a bunch of fast-food outlets.

It was that and so much more. White’s Travel Center in Raphine, Virginia touts itself as the “East Coast’s Largest Travel Center” and has been in operation for more than 50 years. Located just off I-81 & I-64, or the more scenic U.S. Route 11. They have a huge travel store, urgent care center, pet grooming shop, dentist, chiropractor, dermatologist, pharmacy, business and mail center, fitness facilities, laundry, barber/beauty salon, movie theater, AND room for more than 750 big rigs. I needed a drone to get a good pic.

The food court had lots of options, but one was Popeye’s, so we figured it was karma that we abandon any healthy-lunch thoughts and go for their delicious chicken sandwich.

White’s is a member of the American Truck Historical Society (who knew?) and of course, offers the full spectrum of truck-related services. The place is so spread out, they even have a shuttle to get around when your long-hauler is parked.

Just another pandemic-year adventure.

5 Comments on “Keep Truckin’

  1. My parents always told us that while traveling, if you see lots of trucks at a restaurant, it’s a sure bet it will have good food, lots of it and at a fair price! But this seems like a Disney World for truckers and travelers! Thx for this super fun blog!

  2. I had to go to the website to see their aerial view. WOW!

  3. Popeye’s must have been Fred’s suggestion. White’s is an amazing travel center!

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