The Fairy Woods

It’s a world of wonder for a two-year-old in search of fairies. We know they can travel on bubbles and fly high. Shhh, we must be quiet in the woods, look all around and listen hard. When we are lucky enough to find their little doors and windows, we can only watch . . . we are careful not to disturb their secret world.

14 Comments on “The Fairy Woods

  1. Oh this is totally cool. Of course whenever Baby J and/or Pippi make the final cut, it’s always a winner! But despite that, it looks like fun and the stuff dreams are made of!


  3. The look on J’s face is priceless! Her eyes are quite literally filled with wonder! 💗 🧚‍♂️

  4. What a fun adventure – treasure these special times !!!!

  5. What a magical place for children and adults too!!

  6. She’s so big and beautiful! I love her face of wonder

  7. What a creative and loving idea to create a magical place in the woods! And yes, the look of wonder on Baby J’s face is priceless!

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