Fall in the NC High Country

There are a lot of ways to celebrate fall.

In the North Carolina High Country, we have the best of all worlds. Although we had a lot of rain last week, the leaves are now turning, and the weather is chilly and clear for the final “day at the races” – known around here as the Woolly Worm Festival.

Woolly Worms are cute fuzzy caterpillars (see pic above) whose 13 segments with brown and black stripes predict just how many snowy weeks there will be in the coming winter. Each year, during the middle of October, the worms race up strings, with winners competing in final heats to ultimately claim the championship and bragging rights for the winter prediction. Kids love to capture future racers, and human “trainers” come up with clever names for their newest pet while debating the nuances of having them rest (cup them in your hands) or be stimulated (in your open palm) before they reach the starting “gate.” Then you have to figure out which end is up . . . mine headed down, the wrong way.

The same fall weekend plays host to the annual Valle Country Fair, a single-day event in Valle Crucis featuring good ole country fun, crafts, music, clogging performances, men making fresh apple cider (pic above) fresh-baked goods made by the sponsoring Episcopal Churchwomen, and food way above the quality of the normal fair fare.

And let’s not forget college football, one of our most favorite fall activities and with divided loyalties in the house, always lively.

While the grands were visiting during the rainy week, we managed to do some fall decorating and get in trips to the New River Corn Maze (and pumpkin patch) near Boone, and the historic Apple Orchard at Altapass just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I described in more detailed in a previous post.

I guarantee, fun was had by all.

4 Comments on “Fall in the NC High Country

  1. Oh that sounds and looks like too much fun. I want to go. Poor Baby J had to wear that Gator outfit. Would have looked 100% better in red and black or mango!!

  2. Great post, Karen! Family pics make it that much more up front and personal! Wish I would have gone to the Valle Fair – lots to see and eat. Love those elephant ears!
    Sue xoxo

  3. What fun! And now we know you can’t tell one end from the other! LOL. Love the photo “collage” – your’e getting good at those. And Baby J looks adorable in her outfit!

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