Flightseeing over Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park

Conditions that kept helicopters grounded for the prior two days changed just in time for our morning flight over Wapusk National Park, adjacent to Churchill. There are no official roads in the Park, you need to fly in. There are some research buildings in one area, but otherwise, the 7,100+ square mile Park is a pristine preserve for wildlife, including the migrating Polar Bears. Appropriately, Wapusk translates to “white bear” in Cree.

For an hour we zoomed over the boreal forest, ponds, over the river, and by Hudson Bay. A herd of moose was clearly visible among the trees and watching a mother bear with her two cavorting COYs was special. On what the pilot called the “lounge” we witnessed five big males hanging around waiting for the ice to freeze.

It was fascinating and obvious from the air to see the ice chunks were starting to firm and collect along the coast. The long, hungry summer season is coming to a close for the Polar Bears of Churchill.

2 Comments on “Flightseeing over Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park

  1. Lots of Christmas Trees! Too bad you didn’t take your axe! I’d love to see you get it past TSA!

  2. Beautiful with a ghostly look about it! Love seeing all the pictures!

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