The Road to Siglo

It’s raining harder this morning as we left Husafell and headed towards the Ring Road and our trek into North Iceland. We are headed to Iceland’s fairly new Arctic Coast Way, stretching along the edge of the northern coast.

Eventually, we drove onto a higher plateau about 1,400′ and the farms disappeared giving way to unobstructed open fields of moss-covered rock, ravines, and snow-covered ridges in the distance. The yellow markers alongside all the roads are twice as tall here, there must be more snow in the winter.
The rain stopped as we came down the other side of the plateau, and farmlands returned-we are almost in the north.

A typical one-lane bridge.

Icelandic horses and flocks of sheep with their newborn twins dot the countryside. But even if you wanted to pull over illegally and snap a pic – you can’t without rolling down the embankment.

Our chariot from Fara Cars.

We stop for a bite to eat in the small village of Blondus and then take 744 north of the Ring Road and cut across to Skagafjorour before turning north to the Troll (Trollaskagi) Penisula and Highway 76 to Siglufjordur (known by the much easier to pronounce “Siglo”). There was very little traffic and the roads are good. Because we are traveling clockwise, we are thankfully on the inside of the road. With hardly any guardrails and my fear of heights, I was more than happy with our position.

As we rounded one of the most northern tips of Iceland, the road began to alternate between paved and unpaved, a technique used to compensate for the constant settling of the ever-shifting terrain. Just before Siglo, drivers enter a long, single-lane tunnel. On-coming cars pull over into occasional indentations to let others pass. It was a bit intimidating.

Hrafna-Floki – to commemorate another interesting Icelandic saga about the discovery, naming, and settlement of the country.
Headed to the tunnel (look closely). Gravel and paved roads alternate here.

We’ve arrived in picturesque Siglo.

12 Comments on “The Road to Siglo

  1. oh I would be intimidated by the tunnel and the roads! It has some stunning views for sure. Lovely to be able to see it thru you. Hope you both are having a wonderful time!!

  2. Loving your blog. This is really an adventure!

  3. I can relate to the fear of heights and no guard rail!!!

  4. Interesting even though I never found the entrance to the tunnel. (I think there was a landslide right as you took the picture)!

  5. i do not think i want to travel on that road. the pictures are beautiful.

  6. Did you get to Siglo from Reykjavik in one day?

    • You could, but we spent a day on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and spent the night in Husafell after a very long day. then, we headed to Siglo.

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