Waterfall of the Gods

Godafoss, known as the Waterfall of the Gods. It owes this significant name thanks to another Icelandic saga. The legend explains a farmer was chosen to decide if Iceland would convert to Christianity (a cause Norway was championing). He decided yes and threw all his carved pagan statues into this fall – ergo the name, Waterfall of the Gods.

We stopped off here on our route between Siglo and Husavik. Another beautiful day, blessed with good, chilly weather. Only 40′ high, the falls stretch 100 yards wide. Viewing areas are nicely positioned and boardwalks with barriers make for comfortable walking. There are two perspectives for viewing and visitors can either drive between the parking lots or cross on the old road. We chose to stretch our legs and views in both directions from the old road are shown below.

6 Comments on “Waterfall of the Gods

  1. Now I’m starting to like Iceland. The photos are realistic. If you stare at them long enough the water seems to be moving. Maybe it is!

  2. I did not expect such a spectacular waterfall in Iceland! Love your blogs!

  3. Love the pictures. Cannot wait for you to come home

  4. Love the falls! How beautiful!! I’m warming up to Iceland more and more lol Keeping enjoying!!

  5. What a magnificent place! I’m watching an Icelandic TV series at the moment and the landscape is as captivating as the plot. Would love to visit one day.

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