Blue Ridge Parkway “Views”

I have been absent from posting for the last six months – due to some family health issues. Helping my mother navigate today’s medical system has been a daunting and emotionally draining undertaking – but more on that topic in a future post.

For today, I want to get back to capturing a small slice of what makes life in the North Carolina mountains so special.  Lush mountain landscapes have always enveloped me with a sense of calm and comfort. And the High Country in western North Carolina really checks all the boxes for the perfect summer combination of cool temps, gorgeous scenery, and good potential wildlife spotting.

My husband and I chose to restart our usual summer Sunday adventures with a trip south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Chestoa View Trail. From the parking area (mile marker 320.8) you really can’t miss the steps leading down to the first overlook offering a scenic view across the gorge. The trailhead is not far away, taking hikers on an easy .6-mile loop. Unfortunately, the second overlook is overgrown. Still, we enjoyed the quiet, shady forest walk. Very few other visitors were around. We met one family when we arrived, and they pointed out the snakes just below the rocks at the first overlook (yes, apparently there were several). As we finished up, a cute fluffy white dog was leading her human down the path.

A harmless Eastern Garter Snake warming up on the rocks below the lookout.

It’s a shame so many of the Parkway’s views are now obstructed. Untamed overgrowth has made it more and more difficult to see the vistas from the Parkway and it’s sad to see the state of disrepair to the road itself. I have read that funds have been allocated to do the needed maintenance, but I don’t see results. America’s most scenic and visited highway deserves more; and so do we.

An obstructed viewpoint. At least the bench is still there if anyone needs a break.

21 Comments on “Blue Ridge Parkway “Views”

  1. Yeah! You’re back! I have missed your blogs. Now stay out and catch up!

  2. Karen and Fred,
    Thank you. Love your pictures.
    Please keep them coming.
    Ed and Barbara

  3. I love the NC mountains. It is a real shame that the state doesn’t take better care of these beautiful mountain.

  4. Karen,
    Loved reading about all of your travels and excursions! Just wanted to say hi as it’s been awhile!

  5. Sad indeed that those trails have not been maintained. Hopefully this isn’t the case for the entire area. Snakes? Not my favorite hiking encounter! But still it’s beautiful and restorative to be “out there”.

  6. So happy you are back. Love the blogs, but PLEASE NO SNAKE pics!!!!!

  7. So glad to see you back! I’m going through some of the same things with my mother and it is no picnic. I loved the post and beautiful photos. Kellye

  8. What a joy to read your post…it’s been awhile but know you’ve had a lot going on. These pictures are beautiful but sad that one of the states most beautiful, scenic and most visited sights has not been maintained. But really happy to “travel” with you again🥰📸🌲

  9. Lovely post and look forward to more!

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