Chinese, Italian, and French Themes Dominate Coral Gables’ Villages

As a resident of Coral Gables, Florida I love our community’s interesting history and the colorful role it may, or may not, have played in the boom years leading up to the Great Depression. You won’t get much argument the city’s founder, George Merrick, was a visionary who created a town celebrating the South Florida lifestyle and sub-tropical climate. Coral Gables has turned out to be a community for the ages and today thrives as an oasis in the middle of urban Miami-Dade County.

In past blogs, I’ve covered the Seven Villages that still exist and some of the beautiful homes in those Villages. Coral Gables Magazine recently published an article I wrote taking a much deeper dive into the background, creation, and outcomes of those planned neighborhoods. If you’re curious for more, check out: Unraveling Merrick’s Villages.

Along rooftops of the Chinese Village. On the left, you will notice a worker up on the roof. These homes have been meticulously restored and updated throughout their history.

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