Maximizing Luxury Travel


When we opened our eyes this morning and saw the whitecaps outside, we knew we were not going to be able to tender into St. Tropez. It wasn’t long before the Captain of the Journey announced he was looking for a more sheltered harbor; and not long after, he broadcast we would anchor off Villefranche. The crew scrambled to get together some on-shore options, and we chose to take an excursion to… Read More

Pisa is about a lot more than the iconic Leaning Tower, but that’s why we came. It is a beautiful city on the Arno, very similar in appearance to its neighboring Florence. Every Piazza and building seems to be steeped in Renaissance history. Portions of the original town walls are still in place and many of the streets are lined with the famous “umbrella” pines for which the area is known. Once… Read More

The Campanile, at the Florence Duomo. It was an easy hour train ride into Florence from Livorno. Advance info said all trains were at 12 minutes after the hour – but we caught one about 15 minutes earlier. Italian trains are always a bit of an experience and you have to validate your tickets prior to each trip (or you get a hefty fine); I had read to look for the yellow… Read More

We can’t call it Shitavecchia anymore. The town of Civitavecchia seems to have radically improved the appearance of the port area.  We haven’t been to this port in many years, and are pleased to see nice green spaces and exposed old city walls. It looks very nice.  Very confusing to actually navigate driving to the port, but thankfully we weren’t behind the wheel. After a two-hour flight from Berlin, it took half… Read More

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