Maximizing Luxury Travel


We woke up this morning to a bit of fog and a view of Mount Rushmore’s George Washington from our room at the lodge. Beautiful. Today was about “touring,” the old fashioned way, driving the scenic highways of the Black Hills. This area’s spectacular scenery must be seen in person to be appreciated and enjoyed, but preferably not with bikers outnumbering cars 50 to 1 (although we embraced the experience). Today, we… Read More

Stark silence in the Badlands this morning. Deafening rumble in Sturgis, as half a million bikers descend on the area. Pre-rowdy crowds in the historic western town of Deadwood. Silence and tears during the moving patriotic program at the Mount Rushmore Memorial. It was a cool, beautiful morning with temps in the low 70s, perfect for the morning walks we planned in the Badlands. One of the great things about this park… Read More

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