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Was it a tribute to lost love, complete madness, or savvy entrepreneurship? In the Miami of the 1920s, a diminutive Lithuanian immigrant named Ed Leedskalnin worked alone and in secret for 20 years to build a massive stone tribute to the love he lost.  Or at least that the widely known legend.  Defying the obvious laws of nature he did most of his work at night to carve and place these huge… Read More

    Check out my latest Pinecrest Magazine story: about lost love; or is it? Magic, Madness or Marvel? Miami’s Historic Coral Castle Just Might be a Little Bit of Each Pinecrest Mag.Coral Castle.Feb2017

We’ve passed the Coral Castle dozens of times through the years, but have never taken the time to stop.  We weren’t sure whether it would be worthwhile or just another entry on a long list of Florida’s kitschy tourist “traps”. But in honor of our 35 anniversary (for which the traditional symbol is ‘coral’) we incorporated a visit as part of our day. We were glad we did. On the National Register… Read More

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