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  Hard to believe the week is over and we are headed back to the USA. It’s been a terrific trip!  Using the MOVES app on my iPhone, it registers we have walked in excess of 110,000 steps, which translates to about 55 miles. We believe it – we never walked so much; basically all day and then, all evening. Our last stop, in Frankfurt, involved a few uneventful changes on the… Read More

Fabulous decor at the Stuttgart, Germany Christmas Markets.

It’s impossible to photograph the elaborate decorations on top of each of the 250+ booths at the Stuttgart Xmas Markets. Photos don’t do any of it justice.  The crowds and the lighting just can’t be mastered with the iPhone camera I am using for this trip (decided not to haul the Nikon around the markets). The booths of the Stuttgart Christmas Markets meander through the central part of this contemporary city, through… Read More

World conditions may not be ideal, but I am going to stick to our plan to visit European Christmas Markets again this year. My friend and I are headed off to Germany today for a girl’s trip of super-sized, festive, cold, delicious Christmas overload. I know from previous experience that Germany is really where many of our beloved Christmas traditions began and the Alsace region of France, enhanced those traditions with taking… Read More

Of course, at the center of it all, is the trains. They are running everywhere around you – but you never seem to see the same train twice. The Miniatur Wunderland is a lot more than model trains, anything you imagine can probably be found within this massive display – but more on that in a moment. My husband is crazy about model trains. He has meticulously restored and maintained, vintage Lionel… Read More

Off to Venice’s Marco Polo airport early this morning to get our daughter off on her flight home and our flight back to Munich where we began this journey.  In Munich we are staying at he  Kempinski Hotel Airport to make sure we have a relaxed, no pressure exit for our flight home in the morning. Once we landed, we dropped off our luggage and, since we are now experts at the European… Read More

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