Maximizing Luxury Travel


Hong Kong. It’s bustling and surprisingly clean for a city this size. Well-dressed business people walk rapidly along the elevated sidewalks through the transit stations and ride the Central Pedestrian Escalator – right along with nannies pushing red-haired babies, students and tourists of all ages. It’s about 7 minutes (and $2.50 HKD) to take the Star Ferry between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. In the past, we’d seen the iconic sites of… Read More

We have very quickly abandoned our plans for going to Macau tonight and have decided, instead, to relax and enjoy the beautiful Peninsula Hotel. The need for rest is paramount, particularly for the one who never sleeps on the plane (and that would not be me, who can, unfortunately, sleep in any moving vehicle). It was a smart move to have the hotel pick us up. I knew that would mean a… Read More

We are closing in on the end of our fabulous trip.  Today we beat the rain one last time as we headed for the top of Victoria Peak – it was a very cloudy view of the Harbour, but beautiful nonetheless. We saw the many monuments to success that drive the thriving Hong Kong financial community located on Hong Kong Island, as well as a few other famous streets and landmarks. Port… Read More

Victoria Harbour skyline view of Hong Kong Island, just before the 8PM light show.

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