Maximizing Luxury Travel


We are trapped in Indiana.  Or at least it sure seems that way. Yesterday, about 45 minutes outside of South Bend, we had rain.  Our nice hotel was on the Notre Dame campus, with a restaurant on-site, and lots of nice feather pillows and a 100% chance of rain all night.  So, we modified our plans, stayed in, relaxed and watched the Olympics. At the stroke of midnight, things went south.  The… Read More

We are driving.  Driving far. Headed to South Dakota to see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and more. And that is just the beginning of our latest road trip. A trip like this means some serious time behind the wheel and hats off to my husband for doing all the driving.  I navigate and try to keep things interesting and entertaining.  One tool I keep in my travel bag is… Read More