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Waiting for the Duck Walk at The Peabody Hotel, Memphis

The South has some legendary grand hotels, and many Southerners would love to keep them all to themselves. These are five of my favorites, all elegant, renovated, and award-winning: The Hermitage Hotel | Nashville The Hermitage Hotel is really the grand dame of them all. The architecture and décor are the very best of Southern elegance. From the minute you step into the beautiful lobby staff is attentive and friendly. Our room… Read More

The Duck Walk at The Peabody Hotel, Memphis

We arrived in the city of rhythm and blues in the rain.  The ride through a good chunk of Arkansas was pleasant and looked exactly like the foothills in rural NC.  But just after the hills, our weather luck ran out and it started to rain – all the way to Memphis. Most significantly, we arrived in time for the duck parade at The Peabody Hotel. A surprisingly large crowd was on… Read More

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