Maximizing Luxury Travel


  Why don’t more people talk about this part of Michigan?  The Chain of Lakes region occupies the NW portion of the state along Lake Michigan.  It is absolutely beautiful. We never expected water so strikingly gorgeous: light turquoise and deep blues; then with the changing light, varying shades of a gem-like peacock-blue. We came into this region on a scenic drive (M-119) from Cross Village to Harbor Springs, known as the… Read More

    We have arrived on Mackinac Island. This is like Disney World come to life. Walt had to have based his “Main Street” on this charming, historic town. My husband and I have wanted to come here for a loooong time. One Thanksgiving about 25 years ago, we saw the movie Somewhere in Time* and loved what we saw. It took us long enough, but finally, we are here. We had… Read More

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