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Saying goodbye to Nepal

On our last day in Nepal, our plane didn’t leave until after 9 PM. The good news is we had a full day and didn’t have to be anywhere at dawn.  But we are tired and ready to head home. We arranged for a late check-out and rescheduled our final touring to make the day as relaxing as possible.

We spent our last hours visiting the oldest of the ancient Durbar Squares at the UNESCO site of Bhaktapur. We saw so much of the same type of intricate wood carving found in our hotel and enjoyed walking through the winding streets. We searched for (and found) the famous peacock window, watched the ceremonious arrival of some sort of VIP delegation, shopped, and people-watched.  Read the rest of this entry

Nepal explorations



We ventured to the nearby village of Bungamati, a 16th-century Newari village, and were lucky enough to stumble upon a major religious festival for women. Surprisingly, they don’t mind visitors wandering through. 

Kumari of Bungamati, Krupa Bajracharya.

They also have their own village Kumari here. Unlike the primary Kumari we saw yesterday, this is one of several others that live with their parents in surrounding villages. We were allowed to photograph her, so you can get a good idea of how they dress. She was out for the festival, to give blessings; I’m guessing about three, she seemed to really want to get the makeup off her face. Read the rest of this entry

Looking for Yeti

Wanting to visit Nepal has always lurked in the background of my mind.  Whether it was the required reading of Siddhartha in high school, the intriguing media coverage of the 70s rush to enlightenment on the streets of Kathmandu, or maybe just my penchant for Himalayan cats, I’m not sure.  But here we are – in Kathmandu.

My primary objective was to see the famous Himalayan mountain range and Mt Everest. A fly-by seemed just our style. Flights leave at 7 AM, so it’s another 5 AM wake-up. It was dark and hazy and at 6:30 they decide if the mountain is clear.  If it is, you go, if not, you try again the next day. November is reported to be the best month to do this and we had a perfect day, heading out with 14 other passengers in a Buddha Air, 16-seat Beech 1900D. Read the rest of this entry

The Imposing Himalayas of Nepal & Mt. Everest