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I have always wondered what was behind the intriguing gates of The Kampong, located in Coconut Grove, Florida.  About four years ago, it became possible to visit the site, which was the home of David Fairchild and his wife Marian Bell (daughter of Alexander Graham Bell). For a glimpse into the storied life of this famous botanist and explorer, a visit to The Kampong offers a lovely way to spend a morning…. Read More

    We love road rallies and this week we experienced one of the best.  Robert Burr (of Burr’s Berry Farm fame), puts on a fun-filled day through the countryside of south Miami-Dade County.  It’s a trip back in history as well as a peek into the wonderful locally grown and produced treasures of the area. Even though our group was pretty familiar with the area we came away with some new… Read More

I grew up in Central Florida and I know many will argue the best strawberries are grown in that region; but I’m willing to bet most of those folks have not tasted the strawberries from Burr’s Berry Farm. A local favorite, Burr’s is famous for the most amazing, sweet berries as well as strawberry shakes, ice cream and sundaes.  They also feature fresh farm produce, homemade jams, hot dogs and a wide… Read More

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