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Miami Villagers

Restoration work in Miami-Dade County funded by The Villagers.

    It’s crazy, informative, quirky, and fun, all rolled into one hectic experience. I look forward every year to The Villagers’ Historic Hunt. For more than 30 years The Villagers have held their Historic Hunt in various parts of Miami-Dade County.  This year, they sent hunters to the far-south Redland area.  For those who haven’t explored this part of greater Miami – it’s known for agriculture. The long straight roads are… Read More

Check out my recent story, in Pinecrest Lifestyle magazine, about this incredible group of historic preservationists: Pinecrest Mag.50 Years of Saving Places

It’s the last week to get tickets for this year’s Annual Villagers’ Garden Tour, set for Saturday, March 5, 2016.  To get an idea of what’s in store, take a peak at the beautiful home gardens featured on last year’s tour, through my article and photos in Pinecrest Magazine: For info and tickets for this year’s tour visit:  

Pinecrest Magazine.Top10. January 2016 Pick a day and check out some of the area’s great history. You might be surprised what’s just around the corner . . . In my recent article for Pinecrest Lifestyle Magazine we spotlight some well-known and some not-so-known sites. You can also get an idea of the impact of The Villagers, a local historic preservation group celebrating “50 Years of Saving Places” this year. Full disclosure –… Read More

  Miami is a young city, and many visitors and residents don’t realize the rich and interesting history found within the boundaries of Miami-Dade County. We’ve grown and we’ve grown fast. Whether people have come to speculate, study the incredible natural surroundings, immigrate for a new chance, or hobnob with the rich and famous; Miami has, and does, have it all. March and April are always Dade Heritage Days. Together with other… Read More

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