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Who Says Model Trains Aren’t Popular These Days? I simply cannot pass up an opportunity to do a train-related post. The trouble comes in with trying to decide in which direction to go. Trains we saw, great train journeys, or train museums? I thought it would be the most fun to revisit our trip to Hamburg to see Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s most amazing, incredible, elaborate, detailed model train display (also with… Read More

Trains & Tracks from around the world from North Carolina to New Zealand.

Today started out as a relaxing day of train travel to Venice. No rush in the morning as we had breakfast at our hotel and then left Salzburg in the rain to head south.  We are all looking forward to meeting our daughter in Venice the following day. Our train to Venice was 9 minutes late getting into Rosenheim (Germany), where we had what we thought was a 17 minute timespan to change trains. Once… Read More

Finding the right train station was our biggest change during our first day traveling  through Eastern Europe, after a very long flight on Lufthansa from Charlotte to Munich. Our plan to get a wheelchair for Mom worked like a charm and we were whisked through the expansive Munich airport with incredible efficiency and speed. Our attendant, Nestor, utilized special key-only access elevators and little-used passages, and we found ourselves off the plane, through… Read More

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