Maximizing Luxury Travel


Right off I need to let you know the Terra Cotta Warriors are not really terra cotta.  They are made of a completely different kind of clay called loess and are a much lighter sandy color.  Apparently when they were first discovered by farmers in the mid-1970s, National Geographic identified them as terra cotta and in English, the moniker has stuck; in Chinese it’s totally different. Seeing the warriors is definitely a… Read More

Today was pretty much a travel day – flying from Beijing to Xi’an on a China Eastern Airbus.  I’ve been able to take off my jacket for the first time; it’s warm here, but not much humidity. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors, but we began our visit in this former capital with a stop at the little-visited Han Yangling Museum. This modern facility houses the results of… Read More

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