Chobe to Livingstone

Sunset on the Zambezi.

Sunset on the Zambezi.

We had a game drive on the way out today and spent most of our time watching lions, including two females by the river, who actually made an unsuccessful move on some Roan Antelope that appeared on the scene.

Then, before we knew it, it was over.

We traveled by car to the river that borders Zambia, crossed in a small boat (while truckers are backed up for 4-10 days to get their rigs across on the ferry), paid our $100 immigration fee in a very sketchy circumstances, during which we did not interact with any officials, and were driven about another hour to Livingstone.

Back to Civilization

It’s hard to believe the texture of our hair – it took three washings to get the sand out . . .

But everything is very proper at the lovely and elegant Royal Livingstone Hotel and we felt  transported back through time to the world of the British Colonial era.

We even see pith helmets (on some hotel staff) for the first time.

Took a pretty walk over the see the Eastern Cataract of Victoria Falls from the Zambia side and later took a relaxing sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. Tomorrow we will see the Falls from the Zimbabwe side, but we are already impressed.

On the way to the River Cruise, we had a reminder about just how dangerous it can be around all these magnificent wild creatures. We came upon some elephants on the side of the road, and I had just commented to my husband that the elephant staring at us did not look happy . . . when we discovered that earlier in the day, that elephant had killed a woman walking along the main road. The elephants, including the perpetrator, were still in the area when we returned and in fact, held up traffic. Everyone was clearly very nervous and we were unclear what was being done about the elephant.

The entire trip, my husband has been talking about this movie called Elephant Walk (that I had never heard of) and how a herd retaliated against a village. Now he’s googled the movie (1954 with Liz Taylor) and is trying to buy a copy . . . I’m sure a showing at out home will be available soon.

Our final night in Africa was spent having dinner on the lovely outdoor patio of the restaurant at the hotel.

BTW: The food was not as good as any of our lodges.

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