Victoria Falls, From the Zimbabwe perspective


Still in a cloud of mist, even in the "dry" season.

Still in a cloud of mist, even in the “dry” season.

All Good Things Must Come to an End, and this wonderful trip is no exception.  This morning we had an elaborate breakfast buffet and dined on the patio overlooking the Zambezi. Then, off to see Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side.These are the tallest falls in the world, but Iguazu’s are wider and Niagara puts out more volume. So, they can each make a #1 claim. This happens to be the low water season (just as it was when I was at Iguazu) and so you can actually see more and get to all the vistas, many of which are inaccessible when more water is running.

Usually timid around heights, I actually ventured to a location on top of some boulders called Danger Point, to see the view. My husband, of course loved it ~ my Father would not have been happy.

It was very hot and the light spray from the Falls actually felt “quite nice” (a big expression here). The wet environment has actually created a rain forest in the area. Cute Monkeys were running around everywhere. Our guide explained a lot of history and interesting Zimbabwean facts as we walked.

Then, off to change clothes at the Victoria Falls Hotel and to the Vic Falls airport for our British Air flight to begin the long journey home. Once in Joburg we fly to Dulles by way of Dakar, Senegal (about 18 hours), then connect to Charlotte and make the drive back to Linville.

The British influence is obviously quite strong here and many expressions are the same.
And so, as they say in Africa, this trip was “brilliant.”

Home Again – after 28 hours of flying!

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