Welcome to Beijing

Welcome to Beijing

Welcome to Beijing

Well, our logistics haven’t been perfect – but we are in Beijing!

Flights were fine, great in fact. From Chicago to Beijing, we flew the Polar route over the top of the Arctic and arrived after about 13 hours.  I actually liked the food and even slept a decent amount – of course, that’s why I can’t sleep now (and it’s 4am here).

When we left Miami, we were NOT selected for TSA Pre – which was very disappointing.  Apparently it’s totally random (from the point they print the boarding pass) and although the agent ran our names through several times, we did not make the grade. Since TSA Pre is domestic only, it may be because we were continuing through with an international connection.  I asked some TSA agents who were standing around but got no real answers.  So, we still had to take off our shoes and go through the whole rigmarole.   We just hope the Global Entry will work smoothly upon our return.

Arriving in Beijing, we never connected with our driver, so we waited awhile, asked a bunch of questions, changed some money to yuan (which you cannot do before arriving) and finally got a cab.  It was an interesting intro to Chinese culture, since we were immediately pushed toward a vehicle that would’ve cost 5.5 times the going rate.  Since we had found out what the rate should be (approximately 100 yuan, we rejected the ride; went and got some extra money just in case; rejected another ride at 3x the rate and finally got in a metered cab that would take us.  We are traveling with 2 mid-size duffle bags, but for some reason lots of cabs have large storage tubs filled with “stuff” in their trunks and are not able to add even one standard size suitcase.  Finally, with one duffle in the front seat (and one in the truck with the storage tub) we made the 45 minute trip into the city.

In Miami, we are used to a very bright skyline anytime of night, but here we were struck with how dark the city looked, but unlike Miami, the streetlights all work. The expressway had little traffic with the exception of commercial trucks, many of which were missing one or both working taillights.

Tomorrow we will start the day rested and organized – can’t wait!

Tip for the day, always get in a metered cab and have the destination written down in Chinese!

7 Comments on “Welcome to Beijing

  1. And so begins another adventure! Interesting about the lights of the city. Anxiously waiting your next blog! S&D Elliott

  2. A friend of mine lives in Beijing now – let me know if you want me to put you in touch! Off the starting line…look forward to more Buchsbaum tales. Enjoy.

  3. If you see anyone playing Mahj please send a picture!!! Love your blog and cannot wait for more postings!!!

  4. Glad to hear you made it safe and sound – if annoyed 😉 Can’t wait for your next installment. Have fun!

  5. Glad to see your post and to know you are on your way! Enjoy! Jan

  6. Karen and Fred, What a wonderful dialog of your China trip. You should send it to the travel section of the Miami Herald!!1 Love all the comments and tips of the day. Takes me back to my trip in October!! Stay well and keep enjoying the marvelous and interesting land of China!1 Bette

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